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Is your sports-career winding down and you’re concerned with the next phase of your life? Do you know of someone who may not have the confidence and competencies to “let go” and move on after their athletic career? Consider LASER! 


Mission: To prepare and assist collegiate and professional athletes in the necessary transition to educational opportunities, entrepreneurship, and business careers.




  • “Time IS money” so MAXIMIZE your exposure and contacts now

  • It’s critical to develop and apply leadership skills off the court or playing field

  • To provide the “tough love,” transition counseling and coaching feedback to ensure professional appearance and delivery of your skills




  • Identify, Contact, Edit, Draft, Align, Educate, Train, Coach and Connect YOU with the necessary skills and resources to succeed after your athletic career

  • 12 – 18 month commitment to you with highly personal and confidential assistance; Access 365/24/7

  • Work closely (if applicable) with your legal, financial, PR, and sports advisors to effectively advance your career

  • Distinguish career breakers and blockers to effectively position you to connect your passion and purpose


Consulting Deliverables (including but not limited to):

  • Extensive research

  • Specific Goal Setting Program

  • Customized L.A.S.E.R. Strategic Plan – Action Plan for Immediate Results

  • Applied Knowledge & Goal Accomplishment: Education (college enrollment), Entrepreneurship (business start up) or Employment.


When the extended family and new friends all seem to disappear...

When your alma mater becomes more focused on their new players…

You will need an advisor who cares and will make a great difference in your future!


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