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LASER is a company devoted to providing our clients with resources that will help them succeed beyond their athletic career. As a result, we understand that there are many other sources of information available to help people increase their knowledge about life path options after a sports career. The following links are also helpful when weighing life after sport options.
As always, LASER is committed to helping you identify and maximize your options.
Please do not hesitate to contact LASER as you view these links!


Continuing Education 

Education and applied knowledge are the universal keys to success. For those who desire to return to school, these links provide insight to the process of obtaining one's degree after a break. 


Financial Literacy & Leadership

In today's economy, everyone can benefit from more financial advice. Wise investing and saving are major keys to maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. In addition, understanding your purpose and how you influence others can make a difference in your future.


  • Institute for Financial Literacy

  • John Maxwell - The Heart of Leadership

  • Forbes Leadership



Business Ownership

You may have many great ideas for your future, so why not begin the process of turning them into an opportunity? Many former athletes maintain successful careers by embarking on entrepreneurial paths that reflect their former sport or current business interests. 


You Are Not Alone

Retirement from sports is only a doorway to the rest of your life. It leads to a new path full of great possibilities. Many other like-minded athletes are willing to share their experiences with you. Communities of allies have been fostered from similar experiences. Onward!


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