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Who is Dr. Deborah Stroman?

LASER is me. I was born and raised outside of Philadelphia. As an active youngster, I participated in many sports and loved learning as a scholastic-athlete. I played NCAA Division I basketball, wearing # 10 after my idol Walt Frazier, at the University of Virginia. I was a student leader and met many wonderful people in Charlottesville. I then headed farther South; I coached the UNC Tar Heels while I was in graduate school completing my master's degree in Sport Administration.  After receiving a master's degree, I ventured into the financial services industry and won many awards marketing, and selling insurance and investments. The entrepreneurial bug then hit me, and I co-founded golf event planning companies. Life is good! Screech... the nerd bug kicked back in, and I decided to get another degree: the Ph.D.! I attended Capella University and studied Business and Organizational Behavior with a concentration in Leadership. I loved being a scholar-practitioner. After that rigorous venture, I came back to Chapel Hill in 2007 as a Sport Business and Sport Entrepreneurship professor to continue to learn, guide, teach, and inspire young people to succeed. Currently, I teach in the graduate program at the Gillings School of Public Health and am the CEO of the Center of Sport Business and Analytics. Life is REAL good. So, here's my "give back" to elite athletes who struggle with the transition to life after sports. The prestige (or lack of) of your alma mater or your coach are not important. The size of the school or reputation of your professional sport team is not important. A big expensive firm is not important as it will only cost you time and money. You ARE important, and I care. I have resources and am resourceful. I can make a difference for you. 


"When the student is ready, the teacher appears."


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